Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break...Day 2

Well...we woke up on Day 2 to a cold, rainy and generally gloomy day. It was a sad day as we discovered that my neighbor had passed away in the night...RIP Grumpa!! The rain seemed to go along with his quirky personality so I was sure it was him having his final say...
Of course it gave us the perfect excuse for a jammy day. (goofy boys)
Since we had to stay inside anyway...I was able to get Austin to do lots of walking and standing. Always a good thing in short supply when the weather is nice outside.
My Cricket preferred to stay in jammies and just hang out.
Homemade waffles were produced on request.
And we were thankful for the rain that brought our little plants out to play.
The boys took some time to work on their journals.
Austin embellished the story a little bit...I told him we were journaling...not inventing. peace man.
And even the Cricket had to get in on the action...
They all decided to give each other tattoos. I told Shawn he could have this one if he really wanted to!
And he reminded me that we hadn't taken a photo when his two front teeth fell out so we thought we would get one here. I love that you can see the new ones poking through.
Rainy days are always good for baking...Austin wanted chocolate, Cricket wanted sprinkles...
Of course she was more interested in licking the beaters. (I know, probably not politically correct any more but we all did it and no one died so...)
And the midst of the rain...the sun came out and produced the most beautiful rainbow. Thanks Clarence!
Here is the Cricket relaxing with Dad and taking my picture.
Smile guys!!
End of Day 2...

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