Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So...on the last day of school, the Kindergarten teacher asked everyone to write about where they planned to go for Spring Break. Austin came home dejected that he had to write "Home" due to our lack of travel plans. After discussing with him the myriad of activities I had planned for us, we decided it would be fun for the boys to journal their Spring Break activities. I thought I would keep my own journal here...Enjoy!!

Monday: Breakfast with friends...Blueberry stuffed french toast and pancakes...Sorry about the half eaten picture...my camera battery was charging at the beginning of breakfast and I only got a picture of the leftovers...seriously good food...

Then we moved on to a rousing game of Twister.... Shawn is such a character...Austin enjoyed calling out the colors...
After our breakfast friends left, we proceeded to have a non stop play date... The Cricket being... well... the Cricket

Austin and some friends on the patio.
More friends showed up to jump for a while.
This is how my backyard looks all summer...shoes everywhere.
After all of this playing, a bath was definitely in order...
OH NO...what do you mean it is bedtime???
Kickin back...notice the nice chocolate residue from a yummy snack.
My crazy guy...always making faces...
And this will officially end Day 1. Thank you for joining us...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Love at first sight...

So...I am in love. Totally, thoroughly, inexplicably in love. The object of my affection...

Is it wrong to be in love with a sofa? Come on...you can tell me...
Seriously...this sofa is on sale at Anthropology for like $2000.00. Gulp...yeah...
Check it out here...Yummiest sofa ever
And if you happen to have $2000.00 I can borrow...give me a call...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mother Daughter Tea Party

On this beautiful spring day...we decided to have a Mother Daughter Tea Party.
(these were the favors)
Goodies were prepared...both savory & sweet.
Oh the sweets!! The table was set for 6 gorgeous Moms and6 darling daughters.
Chinese lanterns...aren't they the best!A silver tea set was rescued from the trash and polished up.
(I know...can you imagine!)The girls decorated their frames with sparkly jewels.

Each couple posed for a photo memory of this gorgeous day...

This was a bonus shot...what a cute pose!
The girls ate quickly and ran out to the trampoline.
The Cricket was in heaven with all of her friends bouncing around her.
Poses were struck.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Another house...I love this one. Acrylic paint, vintage paper, beeswax, an old spring.
Lots going on at the "H" house lately. The weather has warmed up finally so we have been outside a lot. Happy for the kids but my studio is missing me. I am also getting ready for the big Cricket Tea Party this weekend. Seven little girls and their mother's will be here for high tea. My daughter has changed her outfit choice about 10 times so far. I will post pictures on Sunday of the big event.
More jackets and skirts are rolling slowly off of the assembly line. I need to get my camera fixed so I can get some pics to share. I even made a jacket for myself this week. They are just so much fun.
Hope you are all having a little "Spring" where you are!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was looking forward to getting some of the recent house painting up both on here and on EBSQ. It's been a while since I updated my portfolio. Of course...now that I have some time and wanted to take some pictures...my camera is not cooperating. Something with the focus. I have no idea. So...until I get it into the camera shop...I will post slightly blurry shots of my new house paintings.
I've been experiementing with beeswax and I love it. It adds a certain dimension to the canvas and allows you to build up areas and then carve them back out. This piece is acrylic paint, various papers, a carved stone and the lovely wax. Impossible to see on here, especially out of focus, but it softens everything and gives it depth.

The Bubs...

Totally cool dude...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A sneak peek...

at what's been going on here at Hootenanny Studios.
(Mermaid denim jacket~Peasant Skirt~Flower Cap)
I found these yummy fabrics that are tie dye~Batiky~oh so bright and wonderful and I knew that they had to be included in the new spring line of children's wear.
(Close up of the details on the jacket...rick rack, buttons & flowers...oh my!)
Of course there are a few other things to include as well...Denim jackets, cool peasant skirts, crocheted caps and yummy embroidered t-shirts will also be appearing. I worked on this set yesterday and, by the end of the day, my daughter decided it would be the perfect outfit to wear to the big President's Show. (more on this later) Being a shameless self promoter...I let her!
(Mermaid closeup...)

Of course...she refused to wear the actual t-shirt that went with the outfit and chose, instead, a gymboree shirt. If you have ever tried to argue with a 3 year old girl about her choice of outfit...well...then you know why she went out looking like she did. (Flower cap)

And don't even look at those pastel socks that she chose to go with my nice, beatnik-bohemian outfit. It took everything I had to let her leave the house with that delightful combo on. Three year old girls are a tax on the delicate sensibilities of their Mothers.
But she's so darn cute!

And then there's this guy. I didn't notice until I uploaded the photos how very tall he seemed standing next to the Cricket. When did this happen and how did I miss it???
I like it better when he bends down to be level with the other two so I can delude myself into thinking that he is still that little 6 lb 4 oz baby I brought home not that long ago!
But...anyway...last night was the big President Show at school. The entire 2nd grade participates. They sing a whole bunch of patriotic songs and, with the state of the world right now, I have to admit that seeing these little guys up there singing about being proud to be American just about brought me to tears. It was seriously cute.
As were these two buddies who enjoyed the show together.
My daughter did not quite make it through the entire show. I realized she had fallen asleep when I felt her drool running down my arm. Delightful.
After the show we went back to the classroom and had a chance to visit with our friends.
My son wanted to show us his desk and how he had decorated it with his drawings. (Yes...I know...he is just like me...poor guy)

And then he wanted a picture with his teacher. Of course my husband wanted to know why the teachers back in our day did not look like the teachers today...Nice honey...real nice...