Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One warm day...

in December...the snow melted and for a day or two it was so nice out.
My children stripped off their shoes and ran out to the trampoline.They miss it so much in the winter. It is such a great way to work off all of that energy.
Austin and I played catch for a while.
What a great little break from the winter to come.

I realized, during that one little warm spurt we had, that I had never photographed the new ramp. When the guys finished it, last year, it was raining and icky out and it never really got better. So...here it is...Austin's new ramp. Of course we still need to stain it this summer and then put up the decorative parts to close it off.
In the meantime...Austin loved using it the one day he was able to before we got all the snow.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho from our house. The view from the living room after Santa made his delivery.The boys just waking up and getting ready to attack presents.Shawn got a nerf gun...oh the joy.
Austin got D-Rex...the top thing on his list. Thought I would hate it but when it wrinkles up it's little nose...well...
Miss E got the Princess bike that she has been coveting for months now. Of course she also loved the D-rex quite a bit.All this unwrapping did her in so she cuddled up to her presents for a break.
Later I came in and found her resting on the wrapping paper. Funny.
Then she went and dressed up to play with her dress up dolls.
We had a great Christmas here at H house and hope that you did too!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent at my brother in law John's house. It is fun to see the family and Santa (who always find his way there to see the kids). Ella spent some time hanging out with Dad.
I love this one of her. She actually kept those things in her hair for once.
Shawn loved seeing his cousin Amy. (no family resemblence there huh?)
Shawn also loves seeing Emily. They were born 1 day apart and are so similar that people always think they are siblings but they are not even related really.Then Santa showed up to hand out presents. Shawn and Austin thought it was great but...
Ella did her best to stay away from him while retrieving her gift.
Then we tried for a group picture with Santa. If I thought getting 3 kids to pose was bad...haha...try getting all of them.
Shawn got a new video game which he shared with Emily. I love this picture.
And I finally got to give John my present which was a pet portrait of his dog Payton.
It turned out really cute!And then there was the post holiday crash...

Christmas Card Photo

As most of you know...this was our Christmas card photo this year. Of course, it looks so easy right? Ha! What you don't see is the process behind this blissful looking photo. You see, I took about 75 photos that day. Here is a small sampling of the Christmas Card Photo Process...First there are the just plain bad ones. We had lots of those. Try asking 3 small children to smile, pose and look at you all at the same time. See what I mean...CrazyThis was by far my favorite of the boys but then my daughter had to go and stick a thumb in it. Blech!C-mon Shawn...get down there and quit looking half asleep...Ok, 42 photos later I realize that the tree is not working so well. Let's move to the couch. Hmmm...cute but not exactly what I am going for...Then, just as I am getting everyone happy and settled, the phone rings...no, I am not stopping to get the phone...come on smile everyone...then my cell phone rings..."Mom, aren't you going to get that?"...no, just smile...now the house phone is ringing again...of course by the time I get back, someone has pinched someone else and no one is happy. (Nice talking to you Aunt Brenda BTW)
So we move on to plan #2...take a picture of just the boys and then one of Ella. Sound familiar...yeah...that was last year's Christmas card. But of course the boys were now geared up for a show.The new favorite...rabbit ears...Come on guys...just look normal would ya...
See...look at your sister...how nice she is smiling...OK...that is it...we will just take 3 separate pictures. They make those kinds of cards now right...ones for people with rotten children...
There we go...nice...So cute...
A beautiful princess...
And then I asked my husband for his opinion...and for those of you who received a Christmas card this year...never ask your husband...(see top picture).

Christmas Pack Meeting

I had to throw in one more Cub Scout entry. We had a big Christmas Pack meeting. Even Santa was in attendance. Here is a picture with Tim and the whole crazy crew from Den 4 (plus a few siblings). They are a wild and fun bunch and we enjoy these guys so much.
And here is Shawn with Santa and a friend.
This was the flag ceremony where Shawn brought in one of the flags.
Ok...no more cub scouts...I promise (maybe)...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauty...

oh wait...wrong dress...
oh well...a sleeping princess anyway.

The holidays are here.

and we kicked them off, as usual, by heading over to the annual Wheaton Christmas Parade. It was cold this year...brrr......but we bundled up and enjoyed the floats and seeing Santa.
After the parade, the characters walk around downtown so you can hang out with them.

Ella would have nothing to do with this guy.
Then we headed over to Cosley Zoo the next weekend to see the light display.

This is one of our favorite things to do as you can visit with the animals and see the lights all in one location.
This year we went with our friends and it was a great time.

Ella was excited to feed the baby goats in the barn.
So far, our holidays are off to a good start.