Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cupcakes Part 2...

Let me begin by saying that I was prepared to go the distance in my quest to find the perfect chocolate cupcake. I printed dozens of recipes, scoured the internet and picked the brains of numerous friends in order to assemble a group of recipes that might, just might lead to perfection. And then...on only recipe #2...I found it!! OH MY GOODNESS did I find it.
Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the perfect Chocolate cupcake recipe. Moist, chocolatey, and oh so yummy!! I even waited a day to see if it retained it's moisture and...IT DID! Of course the true test of this recipe was that only 12 hours later...the cupcakes are gone. I had to wrestle this one from my son's grip just to photograph it and now...they are no more.
Now, the frosting is a different story...I have decided that the traditional Wilton recipe was icky and this one, which was another confectioner sugar recipe was equally yucky. I have a few more recipes to try and hopefully I will find a frosting that is equal in delectibleness (seriously...is that a word??) to the cake itself. In the meantime...back to the kitchen...
(If you would like this recipe, which is actually a compilation of tips and several recipes, drop me a line and I will get it out to you)

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