Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break...Day 3... we went to...
Actually...we went to Chinatown for the day to have lunch and enjoy the sights.
Of course I had not been here for 6 years but my favorite restaurant was still standing and still serving Dim Sum. I thought it would be fun for the kids to experience this distinctively Chinese meal. We invited some friends to join us...
Picture it...9 kids, 4 adults and 26 chopsticks. What a sight we were!
The girls were mostly the same age (except the little Cricket of course) so they had a great time hanging out.
The boys spent most of their time practicing chop stick drums or attempting to build something out of them.
And then there's the Cricket...walrus impressions anyone?
Hot Moms!
After our feast, we took a walk down the main drag of Chinatown. It is much the same as I remember from my own childhood. Shawn in his signature pose on a Foo Dog.
Austin...I have no idea how to smile anymore.
Shawn giving himself bunny ears...yes...I am proud!
The girls...don't they look like city slickers...I especially love the leopard coat, torn jeans and checked jacket. Fashion design here she comes...
My boys loved hanging out with the older kids.
Austin ate about a dozen fortune cookes and insisted on looking at his lucky numbers as if his life depended on it. Thank goodness he is too young to play the lottery.
It was a little bit cold but sunny outside and not nearly as windy as out in the suburbs so perfect for walking around.
The kids loved the tourist shops.
Shawn thought he would rub the big Buddha just in case our little one at home was not sufficient for luck.
Everyone thought this cat was waved at us as we passed by.
This was the restaurant I had hoped to visit but, alas, it was not handicapped accessible. Hard to imagine in this day and age. A huge flight of stairs between me and yummy food. Bummer.
I love the architecture of the place myself. Check out this peacock.
My good friend S. carried the Cricket for me to keep her out of trouble.
While the girls checked out the shops...we kept the wild boys outside and away from all breakables. They were able to entertain themselves quite well.
I don't even begin to try to guess what they are doing most of the time.
I loved this place...Fat Lee Grocery. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could be this honest about themselves.
Signs are my passion. This shop was cool but I loved the sign the best. Would have loved to visit this museum but it is only open on weekends.
Another nice sign...thanks for indulging my quirks...
OK...maybe it was a little windy down there.
My other passion is closeups. I love them. They speak to me...
Can you hear them...
OK...not them...I have no idea what this is...suburban gang signs...anyone???
Of course I had to shoot a few buildings...they are so wonderful.
The gate to Chinatown was beautiful.
As was this lady...I stood there thinking about all I could do if I had this many arms...
The Pagoda.
And a shot of the gang in front of the 9 dragon monument.
The details on this piece were marvelous.
I end with a shot of the little doll that I purchased for the Cricket. These little guys are so cool. They are only about 3" tall and there is a slot in the bottom where you are supposed to write your secrets and slide them in. They are called Mamiji. I bought this one because we all agreed that it looked like the Cricket herself...if she were oriental...and wore a cool get the idea.
What a great day! I can't wait to see what Day 4 will bring...

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