Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome to summer...

Yeah! Summer has finally arrived. Of course with the warm (I mean HOT) weather has also arrived the end of school, bored children, lots of outside time and summer activities. This has translated into no computer time or art time for Mom. Sniff... But, I am happy to just hang out with these guys every day...

We have been having a blast this summer spending our time doing home school activities, playing in the sprinkler, bbqing and not getting up early. While the kids are each keeping their "summer journals", I have decided to try to chronicle the summer my long neglected blog. Of course it is the middle of June but better late than never I always say. Here is a little photo montage of our first few weeks...

Spending time on the playground

Showing off our new tattoos

Playing softball

A little home schooling

The fishing derby

Showing the kids that real men do eat sushi!!

Check back frequently as I hope to add to the blog all week with new photos and stuff we are doing. I hope that your weather is sunny, your tomatoes are growing and your craft projects are more successful than mine!

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