Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OK...don't fall over...

but here is another post from me this week. I know, I don't have any idea what has come over me. I am determined though to be a better blogger so here we go.
We are in week 2 of our summer vacation and I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I actually slept late a few days this week along with my kids. I haven't locked anyone in the closet or anything so that is good. (just kidding you know) All of this free time has both it's benefits and it's problems. My kids must take after me in that they just seem to operate better on a schedule. Maybe it is the genetic predisposition that they have toward OCDish type behavior but they just do seem to function better if they know what is coming and what is expected of them. So, to alleviate the problem of those long days with nothing on the horizon, I have put together a basic daily list of things that we should do. I hung it on the refrigerator door as my son Shawn really wanted to be able to consult with the list regularly. So the other day I hear him in the kitchen reading the list and saying "check" after each activity that he has completed. It cracked me up just hearing him say "Get dressed...check", "Brush teeth...check". That child is definitely my son...poor guy.

And then we have the little Ella who has decided that popcycles are the food product of choice for all meals and snacks. First thing in the morning I hear "You give me a popcycle?". Of course I say no and she proceeds to ask about every 10 minutes just in case I changed my mind. And if I won't give in, she will sneak out the door and head over to "Grandma B's" house next door to beg one from her. She loves to trot back over, popcycle in hand, to inform me that she accomplished her task. My favorite is when I say no and she says, in her most persuasive voice, "Come on...come on". You just have to hear it to believe it. I think the kid is really 12 sometimes.

But other than those things, summer is going well. Shawn recently decided to ride a two wheeler. This would not seem amazing at all for a 7 year old except that he never had any inclination to ride a bike before. He never rode a tricycle, no bike with training wheels, no big wheel...I mean nothing. He showed no interest so we did not push him. Then, one day recently, we acquired a bike from my friend that her son had outgrown. It was a little bit big and only had 2 wheels but my son decided that he wanted to ride it. He doned the required helmet and got on and away he went. I still feel shocked when I look out the window and see him speeding along on his bike. He and Tim even did a 6 mile ride on the prairie path the other day with no problem. I am so happy for him.

Here is our day in pictures:

Water Sports

A little sling shot

And some pizza to finish it off...what a perfect day!!

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