Monday, June 30, 2008 stuff at last...

I finally got around to photographing some new stuff today. With 3 different play dates, running errands, watering flowers, chasing children and cleaning the was a miracle! But here are some new things to check out.

First, here are the first two parts to my new 4 seasons series. As I mentioned before, someone bought two of my first series which left me with the other two which are on my Etsy store. I have no idea if anyone will want just those. These are also just two parts but the other two will be joining soon. These are carved on repurposed wood (stair treads) and then painted. They have a great dimensional quality and are pretty substantial. I will put the measurements in the listing.And...finally...some dresses. I hope to list these tomorrow. The first one is a butterfly pillowcase dress. I have to get the measurements on this one too but it is for a little girl about 5-7 maybe. It is a polished cotton that has been prewashed so no shrinking here. The ribbons tie at the top over the shoulders. There is also a matching, unstructured bag with this one. It is sooo cute. It has a neat little ribbon and giant button closure and is sized perfectly for the little girl.

The next dress is my favorite and I really debated whether to list it. It was made from a vintage tablecloth that was never used so it is in perfect condition. It has a strawberry motif. With this one the ribbons are red satin and I have included at matching head scarf. Very summery. I will get the measurement on this one in the listing as well.

And, finally, my first bag! I have been really interested in creating some fun, unstructured bags from cool fabrics and I love this one. The two fabrics are both home decor so they will hold up well. It is fully lined and has a velcro closure.

I hope you enjoy the latest work. I will try to have it all up and listed tomorrow. My car will be in the shop so I will have no excuses...unless I make some up...which is a definite possibility!!

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sugarcreekstuff said...

Hi becci, thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your art and those dresses are darling. The vintage tablecloth one is so beautiful. Nice work on the bag!