Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!! has been a long while. A long busy while. I looked back on my last post and realized that it was before so many things. Before the tornado that took out our trees and our basement.

Before my son's really cool reptile birthday party which required planning for the 80 people in attendance.

Before Halloween, which was so much fun for all this year. This was the year my daughter figured out that Trick or Treating meant CANDY. Oh the joy of it all.

Before the Holiday cluster which was nice this year...not too much stress but lots of little colds at our house.

And is the New Year.

Last year, in the midst of having my entire basement torn apart and drywall dust covering everything in my life, I swore that this year would be different. You know how it is. This year I will be thinner, healthier, make more art, spend less money, etc, etc, etc... But most of all, I swore I would write more in this blog.
I am excited to report that our basement is almost finished. I am just setting up the studio/office again so that I can get busy producing and listing some items both on Ebay and Etsy. I feel like I have been so out of touch with my creative self in the last few months so it will be great to get that back at least. And I am anxious to share more photos of the kids who are growing up before my very eyes and are just a riot these days. it first post of the New what I hope will be a solid commitment to post often. Thanks for all of the positive feedback and e-mails in 2006. You can also leave comments here by clicking the comment area after the post. I love to hear from you all...
And here's wishing you and yours and Happy and Healthy, Thin and Wealthy, Wonderful 2008!

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