Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Already forgotten...

Well...it's the 15th day of the new year and I am sorry to say that I have already blown most of my resolutions. I think it is amazing the hope that comes with a new year. The wistfulness and joy that come with the chance to start over again. It seem so fresh and so wonderful at the time. But then, life intrudes and suddenly, you are back to the old bump and grind with nary a thought to the wonderful goals you set for yourself in the beginning. Maybe that is how God feels about creating the world sometimes. "Wow, this is such a wonderful beginning, everything is new and beautiful and it has a chance to be so much." and then poof "What the heck happened here??".

As I read the news lately I find myself wondering "What has happened here?" a lot lately. The world seems a whole lot scarier for some reason, especially since I have had children. It is like these little people come out and you have to protect them so suddenly everything looks a whole lot scarier than it did before you had anyone to protect other than yourself. Can you tell it has been a hard day!

But on to brighter topics...I got a chance to visit with my friend Stephanie today over coffee which was wonderful, and as I listened to her talk about the "ministry" that she is creating for battered women and how she longs to be successful so that she can empower other women to be successful as well, I realized how very blessed that I am to have such wonderful women for friends. Each of them is so different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and each brings a different kind of joy to my life. Stephanie said today, "My plan is to be rich so that I can give to others to make their lives better. I want every one of my friends to have what it will take to make them a success in the world." The other day I was visiting with my friend Brenda who said "I wish I could just win enough money to be comfortable and to help you guys build the house you need for Austin." (for those of you who don't know, my 5 year old son is in a wheelchair as a result of a vaccine gone wrong) And I sat here tonight thinking that I don't really need to be rich, at least not that kind of rich, because I am so rich in the love of the people around me. Of course I would love to have enough money to give my son a shower that he could actually use, don't get me wrong about that, but mostly tonight after hugging and kissing my children and thinking about my friends, I am feeling loved. And, not to be corny, but sometimes it really is all you need

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