Monday, August 13, 2007

About time...

It has been a while since I posted last as we have had the busy end of summer rush going on! Getting everyone ready for school, having family over to visit and trying to get the last few projects of summer done have really put me behind on my art and blogging. A few weeks ago we had the teens up from Decatur to spend the weekend and my children were happy little spoiled creatures with them around. We got to meet the newest addition to the family...Samantha's boyfriend Derrick who we liked very much! Here is the whole gang...
Last week my cousins came down from the U.P. for a visit which was a blast. We went downtown to the museum and, of course, ate a ton of yummy food while they were here. Here are a few photos of the kids having fun.

Then last weekend we had a birthday party downtown at the Children's Museum which was nice and then my husband's company picnic. It was so hot that it was not that enjoyable sitting outside for the picnic but the kids had fun playing games.

And now the push is on to get things ready for school. I have all the supplies ready and just need to get some new shoes and clothes. You know...all the basic back to school stuff. Still no word on who Shawn will have for a teacher and that stresses me out a little bit even though I probably won't know anything about the person anyway. I just like to be prepared. Austin is doing one more year of preschool because of his birthday being September 8th. Even though he tests out way above and could definitely be in Kindergarten this year, the district will not even consider it. I don't know what they will do with this reading, writing, math doing, preschooler!!
This summer has been a little hot for us so we have not been doing as much outside as we would normally do. I am actually looking forward to fall and it's cooling off time. I hope that with school back in session I will be able to get busy on the Christmas orders that are starting to stack up on my desk. is time to start thinking about that already. Can you believe it??

I am off to the grocery store...need anything??

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