Saturday, December 13, 2008

More from Cub Scouts...

Everyone always asks what we do for Cub Scouts. Here is a brief snapshot from our last Pack meeting.
Tim is the Cubmaster. We have 41 kids in our pack. Tim is also a den leader for Shawn's wolf den. We have 6 boys in our den.Every month we have den meetings, a pack meeting and a hike. We also offer other fun activities. Our pack meetings have over a hundred people in attendance sometimes. We have our awards and the boys do skits and stuff. It is like planning a big party every month.I am the committe chairperson (translated: person who does all the work for no pay :)) I get to hand out the awards like these for top popcorn sales. Shawn was our top seller this year along with his friend T. He was pretty excited! One of the incentives to sell more popcorn this year was our "Pie the Cubmaster in the Face" program. If you sold a certain amount, you were entered into a drawing and... Multiply this times 6. You get the picture. Tim was a good sport...especially by the time we got home and he smelled like rotten milk...yum.

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