Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent at my brother in law John's house. It is fun to see the family and Santa (who always find his way there to see the kids). Ella spent some time hanging out with Dad.
I love this one of her. She actually kept those things in her hair for once.
Shawn loved seeing his cousin Amy. (no family resemblence there huh?)
Shawn also loves seeing Emily. They were born 1 day apart and are so similar that people always think they are siblings but they are not even related really.Then Santa showed up to hand out presents. Shawn and Austin thought it was great but...
Ella did her best to stay away from him while retrieving her gift.
Then we tried for a group picture with Santa. If I thought getting 3 kids to pose was bad...haha...try getting all of them.
Shawn got a new video game which he shared with Emily. I love this picture.
And I finally got to give John my present which was a pet portrait of his dog Payton.
It turned out really cute!And then there was the post holiday crash...

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