Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho from our house. The view from the living room after Santa made his delivery.The boys just waking up and getting ready to attack presents.Shawn got a nerf gun...oh the joy.
Austin got D-Rex...the top thing on his list. Thought I would hate it but when it wrinkles up it's little nose...well...
Miss E got the Princess bike that she has been coveting for months now. Of course she also loved the D-rex quite a bit.All this unwrapping did her in so she cuddled up to her presents for a break.
Later I came in and found her resting on the wrapping paper. Funny.
Then she went and dressed up to play with her dress up dolls.
We had a great Christmas here at H house and hope that you did too!!

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