Tuesday, July 3, 2007


It's hard to believe that the 4th of July is almost here. Where is the summer going?? At least the weather has been nicer lately. We turned off the air conditioning about a week ago and have been sleeping great with the cool breezes. Such a blessing in Chicago!!

The kids have been so busy this summer outside with the neighborhood kids and also with friends. Brings back memories of my own summers playing outside from dawn til dusk and even a little flashlight tag at night. It was so carefree. I am glad that my children are having those experiences instead of being overscheduled and exhausted. I have kept up my supply of popsicles and I routinely have about 6-10 kids here playing at any given time. Gotta love summer!!

On the business side...I got my first two listings up on Etsy and it is going well. I have already had 3 orders for my portraits from other sources and am hoping that Etsy will produce some business as well. I will post the newest pieces when they are ready. I also posted some items on Ebay which has been going pretty well. I am off to ship 6 boxes today before the holiday. Haven't had as much luck with art on ebay but I think that summer has a lot to do with that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence day! We are headed off to a BBQ tomorrow and then more relaxing!

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primdollie said...

Saw the post on Collage Cats and LOVE the new etsy shop!! wishing you lots of luck and fun with it!!! It looks great!! I love your art work and it should do well!!! Hugs Linda