Sunday, July 15, 2007

A great weekend...

It was a great weekend here at our house. One of those times when the weather cooperated beautifully, the kids were in good spirits and we had nothing really pressing to do. We completed Austin's accessible play area to rave reviews from the little man. I still have to add a nice paint job and some accessories so I will put some photos on here after those things are completed but suffice it to say that he is one happy dude! Someone said that the play area looks like a corral so he has decided to name it the AJ Corral for his initials. Too funny!

I got more stuff up on Etsy today which I am happy with. I just completed this first painting in a new series that was suggested by a friend. She asked if I had anything that could include a bunch of grandkids so I am putting together some ideas for ways to include multiple children in a fun design. I have a few more coming soon but here is the first one...of course this one is for my Mom...Happy 80th Birthday Mom!!

We spent the afternoon "swimming" in the hot tub with the gang yesterday only to find that the heater had given out. Not that it mattered when the temp was in the 80's but it is definitely something we need to get fixed soon. Add it to the list I guess. In the is a photo of my daughter in her new "tankini". Isn't she cute!

I also got my new crosses listed on Etsy today. Here is a sample of one. They are all made from wood and river rock and make great gifts. And speaking of gifts...quite a few folks took advantage of my $10.00 off coupon earlier and I am hoping to offer some more good deals as we get closer to the Holidays. These paintings make such good gifts...especially for the people who have everything else like Grandparents. I also have a new baby one in the works that will include a copy of the child's announcement.
So check out the new stuff and let me know what you think. I am off to round up the gang for dinner. Have a great week!!

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You write very well.