Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh look...another post...

What do you know. Two posts in one week might just be a record for me. I am trying very hard to be more diligent to my blog. My kids are bathed and pajamaed and are having their last few minutes of pre bedtime freedom so I thought it was a good time to take a moment and post my newest piece.
I have a couple of things I am pretty excited about this week. One is that I finally posted my first entry in my Etsy store! Yeah me!! I posted my cool kid portraits and I used this one of my daughter as an example.

I am also excited that I finally finished this one of my daughter since the poor kid is 17 months old and I just now sat down to make her a picture. My boys both had numerous ones by now but you know what they say about the third one. Haha.

So be sure to check out my Etsy store and let me know what you think. I am still not sure what I am doing there but I am trying to get the hang of it. I also posted a bunch of stuff on Ebay this week so that was another accomplishment for me to be proud of. It has been a busy week with all this going on and VBS this week for Shawn and school for Austin. Never a dull moment.

Everyone is happy and healthy so that is a blessing. I think we are going to hit the Field Museum this weekend for a little dino fix and maybe cruise the lakeshore. I am really looking forward to that family time.

I hope everyone is having a wonderfully creative summer! More to come...

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Die Hohe Dame said...

hey thanx for your comment as well! your etsy store looked good to me... i just figured out today how to put a mini etsy on your blog or website! im also just trying to figure it all out... etsys and blogs!