Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break Day Two...Recovery

Having thought I was going to be stuck in the house nursing sick children today...I made no plans...but children can be tricky and by lunch time...Austin was feeling better and out the door.

Ella decided that this would be a great time to learn to roller skate.
So on went the new princess skates and off she went...
I think the helmet made her a little top heavy myself. Good thing for the "big" girls who helped out the little people.
Ella was frustrated that she couldn't just skate off like one of the bigger girls.
But she kept at it and pretty soon she could walk without falling.
Of course she prefered to fly down the driveway with Lexi.
Looks like she might have it...
And then there's this. Non stop throwing up from yesterday morning until this morning and now look at him...he told me today that he just needed some fresh air to feel better and I guess it worked because he was outside the whole rest of the day feeling fine.
Of course Tim took advantage of the warm weather to tune up his boat after work. I like to think he is blowing me a kiss here and not just commenting on how "sweeet" the motor sounds.
I found Shawn in his favorite tree.
I swear that child is part monkey.
It's not the tallest tree in town but it fits a few kids quite nicely.
We had a minor meltdown. The Cricket retreated to her room where she proceeded to open the window so we could all hear her displeasure. Brat!!
Shawn worked on his flips on the trampoline. I couldn't seem to catch one is progress but they were pretty impressive and he was able to land them on his feet.
My handsome guy!
I was afraid to ask. Seriously...don't ask...
And we celebrated the warm weather with a summer meal...BBQ chicken and potato salad...yummo!
It was like a summer day at our house with 20 assorted children running in and out and staying over til 9pm to watch a movie. I had forgotten how many snacks they go through...time to restock the pantry!

Day three...here we come...

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