Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break Day One...Field Museum (sort of)

The kids and I decided to start out our spring break by visiting their favorite museum...

We invited our friend Kailey along for the ride. I had no qualms about taking 4 kids to the museum alone...they are great kids! Here we are upon arrival.
My Bubs...pre-sickness
Aren't they cute!
I love "walking away" shots. Call me crazy...but I do.
Hanging with Sue while we wait for other friends to arrive.
The Cricket was in her glory with another girl to hang out with.
A little Elephant Butt...I mean really, would your day be complete without it??
Aren't they sweet...I think Shawn has a little crush on this "older" woman.
Good thing I took so many photos right when we arrived.
We finally met up with our other friends. I always laugh at how there is so much to do but my kids could spend half the time just playing on the tile "world".
The gangs all here...even the scary skinny dude.
One of my favorite was fun to share this with friends who had never been to the museum before.
Of course it was also here that Austin first lost his "cookies". (literally & figuratively)
Thinking it might be an isolated incident...we persevered.
And headed to the beach...where we had a minor recovery.
(please note the Cricket's famous "hip" pose)
(I have to quit looking at this one cause Shawn looks like a teenager and it scares me...)
Unfortunately, the recovery was short lived and we ended up having to rush home to tend to a sick boy. Poor guy...I promised the disappointed children that we would attempt this trip again soon. On to Day Two...hope it's a bit less exciting...

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