Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Austin's in the game!!

As many of you know, Austin has recently taken up wheelchair basketball. The team he plays with is called the Warriors. Although he is just a junior member, still learning, he was able to participate in a real game at a recent fundraising event. Boy was he excited!
He was given his first jersey and his official number..."4". Then he met with Coach Kevin for a little pep talk.
Ella and I were there to cheer him on.
(Please disregard the above outfit...she is still on the Tutu a Day program.)
Austin spent some time practicing his technique like the cool way he picks the ball up by rolling it on his wheel.
He also did a little dribbling.
Sorry...I can't get enough of this move!
Austin's teacher passed the word along to his classmates and he was so excited when his friends started showing up for his event.
Miss Sender was not intimidated by the wheels...she jumped right in and challenged Austin.
Austin's teacher Miss Keith was there to cheer him on along with some classmates.
(I think I heard Miss Sender say that some ice packs were in her future after all this pushing)
Miss Keith looks like she is having a "sweet ride"!
Here is Austin with Miss Keith...she is a wonderfully supportive teacher and we are so grateful that Austin is in her class this year.
Wheelchair conga line anyone??
Miss "J", Austin's amazing school aide along with a classmate.
The Cricket catches a ride.
Miss Sender is Austin's special ed coordinator at school. Again, we are so grateful to this amazing and supportive staff who took their own personal time to come to this event and support our son. He was stoked beyond belief to have his own cheering section in the bleachers. (And boy did they cheer...AAAAUUUSTIIIIN!!!)
All of the visiting friends got to try their hand at wheelchair basketball. It really gave everyone a taste of what it is like to be Austin for an evening.
Austin even took a few friends for a ride.
Austin joined his teammates on the sidelines for the start of the game.
When the coach first asked him if he wanted to go in to play...he said no. But they don't take no for an answer so in he went.
I was so proud of him...he played his heart out.
Especially considering that it wasn't just the kids out there...it was the adult Bulls as well.
Go Austin!!
Of course the game was just for fun, and to raise money to help support the team. Unlike most sports, wheelchair sports involve very expensive equipment as well as many travel expenses. Austin's friends made sure that those Bulls didn't stand a chance by donating $1.00 a point to keep the Warriors ahead throughout the game.
Not only did the team raise some much needed money, but everyone had such a great time cheering them on.
Even Dad was on hand to high five a very triumphant Austin.
Thanks everyone for coming out to support our son and the Warriors!
We are so proud of this guy!!
Love you Austin...

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