Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hey everyone! Welcome to a warmer Wednesday. We are finally in the 40's around here and it is warming up my spirit as well as melting the snow. Yeah!!

I have finally begun to paint again. Of course I never finished cleaning my studio but I just moved things over so I could reach my table. Not the best course of action...I know...but it is working for now. My problem is that every time I ship out a load of Ebay stuff I seem to acquire more. The never ending roller coaster.

I wanted to put together a self portrait to use on some of my portfolio sites but I couldn't find a recent picture of me that I liked. You see...up until a year ago I had really short hair. So any older picture of me really doesn't look like me any more. When I got pregnant with my daughter I had this urge to grow my hair out. I figured that since I was going to look scary for 9 months anyway...what better time. (To clarify...I am not one of those glowing, Madonna looking pregnant women...enough said!) And since I had my daughter...well, let's just say that the weight is not going anywhere fast. But I did find an older picture of me on the computer so I went with it and here it is...

It is not quite finished yet and I feel that something needs to be in my hand but I haven't figured out what yet. So far I am pleased with it though and I am anxious to get it on some of my other sites.

I am challenging myself to have at least 3 pieces going at once and work on them every day. We will see how that goes but so good. I am off to get the monkeys up for school. Another day in paradise!!

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