Monday, February 5, 2007

Another bitter cold day here in Wheaton. car said -8 this morning when I got in and when I opened the blinds the windows had a nice layer of ice on them. I guess we have gotten spoiled with this warm winter we were having. The good thing about yucky weather is that I stay in and clean my studio!! Yeah!!

I feel like I am finally making progress. Most of the random Ebay stuff is gone or going so that helps a lot. I started a new painting today which is so good for my mood. The Brie Baby is sleeping soundly and my boys are playing together so nicely that I had one of those moments when everything seems perfect. Just for a moment though and then the reality of my not so tidy house and huge to do list came crashing down again. I guess one moment of perfection is better than none at all. Haha.

In keeping with my goal of getting all of my old work posted I am putting up a few new items I found in my studio. Pretty soon I will have new work to post and that will be a great day. I started working on my Etsy store today also. Of course, you have to have items to put in it so for now it remains empty but it will be filling up as soon as the Ebay items are gone and I can get a moment to breathe.

OK...break over...let the cleaning begin...I hope you are having a warm and fuzzy day.

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Ellen said...

Becci I really like your style! You should try the Illustration Friday weekly challege. I hadn't drawn anything new since the early 80's and since 2004 I have well over 300 new pieces!!