Friday, August 20, 2010

Our summer vacation-2010 (part 2)

Mid week and we took a drive out to Custer State Park.
This park has the largest group of free roaming Bison in the world.
I had never seen one up close...they were BIG.
And cute...and smelly...
And dangerous I guess.
When we got out of the car to take some photos...the game warden told us that some people had been mauled just that week.
So we got back in the car...cause that really would have ruined the vacation.
Plus you had to watch out for this...
The park was so was all of South Dakota least until the Cricket got there...
On our way through the park we ran into some donkeys. (not literally)
But they were standing in the middle of the road.
They were pretty cute...for donkeys. And they were not shy...
But maybe hungry...considering this one tried to eat my rear view mirror.

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