Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break Day Four...It's all about the water...

The kids had a fun day getting wet with their friends.
First a bunch of the neighborhood kids joined ours in the hot tub.
There were 9 kids in there...
Ella is the youngest in the group but she still rules the tub!
That baby tells it like it is...
Shawn was happy to be surrounded by all the girls.
She still tries to wear this suit every day.
Oh my goodness...that face.
Remember when giving people "bunny ears" was just the funniest thing?
We had a discussion about Shawn's longer hair and how it is very "Justin Bieberish".
Then the girls restyled it a bit...yikes...can anyone say "comb over"?
I'd say this was the Fonz but then my son would say "who?".
This guy just wanted to show off his lost tooth.
My a little sunburn out there.
After spending all day hanging out in the tub...we met some friends at a hotel for swimming all night.
This poor girl ended her night by throwing up...but not in the pool!
This guy had such a great time in the pool.
Look at those handsome tubbing again.
Shawn liked getting thrown in.
They had so much fun.
Oh my!!
A little pool "volleyball".
I wish we could have stayed longer but my poor Cricket was so sick and continued to be all night.
I can't believe that Spring Break is almost over...

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