Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last week was our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. We had 38 cars racing and many people in attendance. It was a very busy week for me with all of the planning that went into the event. Tim was in charge of the starting gate.
This was Shawn's car...built by Shawn and Dad. It was called the "Peanut X59" which has become his alter ego through the years.
Our babysitter backed out at the last minute so we took the whole gang. Luckily...Ashley came long to keep on eye on the crazy Cricket. Austin was his own man...lots of sibling friends to play with so I barely saw him all night.
My daughter found interesting ways to entertain herself...
Like jumping off of the stage 100 times.
Luckily...she landed every one!
And thought she was pretty cool.
Shawn came in second place out of 38 cars which was pretty nice. He got a trophy. Since Tim is the Cubmaster, he got to hand them out and he was very proud.
Here he is with Jared, who won first place, and Ashley clowning around.
And...I couldn't leave this one out. Love ya Brenda!!

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