Sunday, February 8, 2009

The big "3"


Even though your actual birthday was back in January, yesterday we had your little party to celebrate. I tried to get some photos of you before you had a chance to get dirty or change clothes. You chose to wear the pant outfit I had instead of the dress which was a shock given your recent decision to wear mostly dresses. I think it had to do with the fact that there were cupcakes all over this outfit. You looked so cute. You are not fond of photos these days. It is a struggle to get you to sit still and smile. When asked to smile, you shout out "cheeseburger" (I have no idea why) and then offer this cheesy grin. I love it!When I asked you what kind of decorations you wanted, you said "flowers". You love flowers. Every time we go to the store, you have to stop and smell the flowers. I hope you always remember to do this as you grow older.You helped me make your goody bags. I was going to put a "G" on them for Gabriella but you insisted that your name is Ella and therefore they needed an "E" instead. You are very opinionated about things these days. A strong woman at 3.
"Whose birthday party is this?" "ME, ME, ME!"I tried to get a photo of your whole birthday outfit but you did not want to sit still long enough for that. You had a party to host after all.
Of course it didn't take long for the costume changes to begin. I think you wore at least 10 different outfits that day. Sounds like a typical day at our house.You were so happy to see all of your friends. Especially Sara and Matt. (OK, mostly Matt I am sure...haha) There is that cheesy grin again!And speaking of cheesy grins...Austin was showing his stuff.
I tried to get everyone together for a photo by bribing them with the pinata. It almost worked...a few were missing still. Funny how it is always the big kids who love to hit the dress up area.Everyone had fun taking their frustrations out on the princess pinata. Of course we had to do this one in the basement thanks to the wetness outside. Austin got attacked by the the end...since we are all about recycling around here...Tim thought the pinata would make a nice hat. Stylish.You loved your "beautiful cake".
And, for all of your boldness in life, you were shy when everyone sang to you which was so cute. You asked Shawn to blow out your candles. Then you devoured your cake and declared it the best there ever was.
And even though you were not quite as polite about your presents as I would have liked, I later found you trying on all of the outfits and playing with all of the toys. (I have no idea where my camera was at this point...shame on me).
What fun we have had over the last 3 years! I am so excited to see what this year will bring.
Happy Birthday Baby are so well loved!!

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