Monday, November 10, 2008

Science & Industry Museum

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day downtown at the Museum of Science and Industry. I must admit that it is not quite as exciting as I remember it from my own childhood. I will never forget the babies in the bottles showing fetal development. I had nightmares about that one.
We got free passes from another Freecycler and we were so excited. The whole trip cost us the $14.00 parking fee and the kids had a blast. (See honey, it does pay to give away a ton of stuff on Freecycle!)
Of course, there are some things we just cannot visit like the coal mine and the submarine because they are not accessible for Austin. They did have another submarine exhibit that was accessible and they all had fun driving the sub and learning morse code.
The boys loved the trains and the airplane that was stripped down so you could see all of the parts.

My daughter loved the kids area complete with water activities.
After the museum we visited Ed Debevics. I had not been down there since I worked many years ago. That place is still a hoot. The food is horrible, as is the service. Hey wait...why did we go there? Oh yeah...the wait staff cracks you up. Our waiter kept looking for some guy named "Kevin" and he and my son Austin got into a knife fight. Another waiter called Shawn a "nerd" and I had to explain what that meant. I guess people just don't use that term any more. The boys thought it was hysterical.
They also got balloon stuff which always makes them happy!
A great day in the city with my gang!

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