Monday, November 10, 2008


Our favorite holiday...Halloween!!
Shawn decided to be Dracula.
The "Politician" smile on Dracula.
Austin wanted to be a werewolf but they were sold out so we ended up with the swamp thing. It was the best costume!
Note the really funny tongue sticking out of the mask.

My daughter was...of course...a princess.
Oh, wait...not just a princess...she was a Fairy Princess.
It was important to her that you say "Fairy Princess" every time.
First we had the annual school parade.
Austin was the hit of the parade. He loved posing with his class.
Ella and I enjoyed watching with friends.
Then it was off to trick or treat on the nicest Halloween I can remember.
It was about 70 degrees and just gorgeous.
Ella had the best time. It was the first one where she really got the connection between running around and getting treats.
She had to share something at each house she visited. Mostly she told people that she was a princess, her kitty ran away and what she wanted for Christmas. She was a hoot!
We stopped to feed the horses up the street.
Then we hit Papa Rick's house for the traditional campfire and dinner.
Of course we spent the next few days on a sugar high at our house. Thankfully, we are out of candy! Happy Halloween...

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