Monday, October 13, 2008

You are 6 years old. Where did the time go? What a big man you are. I love that you are so independent and "grown up". I love that you are reading and that you read every sign and package you see out loud, to me. I love that nothing holds you back, that you always find a way to be included in everything. I love that you are a popular dude at school and in the neighborhood and that you do not abuse the priveledge. I love that when given the choice of a big honkin' birthday party with a magician and everything that you decided to invite a few friends to see a movie and go out for pizza instead (thus saving Mom billions of dollars and tons of work!) I do not love that I forgot to bring the camera to this event therefore missing out on the pictures of you and your friends brandishing imaginary light sabers all through the movie and dinner.
I love that you ask me "Do you know what?" and when I say "What?" you say "Chicken Butt." 1000 times a day. Thanks for that...
Happy birthday my little man in the middle.
I love you!!

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