Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To the beach...

We're back from the beach and I thought you would like to see what I did all week. Yes...that is me...sitting with my feet in the sand doing NOTHING. I know, many of you have questioned whether that is even possible but I would like to assure you that...yes...I actually did this all week.
This is what our little plot of beach looked like. This was a private beach across the street from our house and it was lovely. When we arrived every morning there were no people out there. They trickled in throughout the day and the beach started to look like this about the time we were leaving. As it was, we got prime waterfront real estate so we didn't mind sharing the rest. The beach worked some kind of miracle on my children as Shawn learned to swim almost immediately upon arrival. He was like a fish in the water most of the time and spent the rest buried in the sand. I have no idea what that was about but he seemed to like it. The little Miss Ella was a riot on the beach. She went around stealing everyone's toys. She liked the water but kept getting knocked down when the little waves from the boats would come in. She had to be rescued a few times.
And then there is Austin. Talk about a fish...he wanted to spend all of his time in the water. He learned to float on his back, begged Tim to throw him as far as possible and learned how to fight his way up to the top and wait to be rescued. He also loved to be pushed in the water in his beach chair which floated pretty well also.
Of course when we were not on the beach...we were dancing on the beds...
Sitting out in front on the house waiting to go to dinner...which my husband made sure we did every night so I did not have to cool or clean up all week.

We did manage to take one day and drive up to our old stomping grounds at Big Blue Lake. It was fun to show the kids where we met and all of the places we love so much. It is especially fun to talk about how Mom and Dad used to date. My son Shawn wanted to know if that was "before" you had us and my son Austin thought it was gross that we were boyfriend and girlfriend back then. Then I really put him over the edge by telling him we kissed. That made him cover his ears and say "lalalalala".

Then it was on to ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop where the kids got to eat outside on the porch.
Here are my three favorite closeups from the trip. I might just have these framed!

All in all it was a great week and we were all sad to come home.

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