Sunday, December 19, 2010

Playing on Blackhawk Ice....

Austin was so excited. Today is the day he gets to play sled hockey on Blackhawk Ice. Of course it meant a full day for us of traveling down to the United Center but it was so worth every minute.
They went down into the locker room like the real players and suited up.
They didn't even let us go with him...I was a nervous wreck!
When they came out onto the ice he was beaming! And then they showed up on the jumbo cool!!
A bunch of friends and family were there to see him play.
He did really well considering he just started playing this year and is only a junior member of the team.
He even tried to cross check an older player...
It was kind of funny.
After his game, we stayed to see his first Blackhawks game...which he loved of course.
Austin is my hero!!

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