Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween...Part 1...

I think my kids are pretty lucky. They get to celebrate Halloween several times a year.
This is the first the Cub Scout Pack meeting. I was impressed with their choices this year. They weren't the run of the mill characters.

Austin decided on an Indian Chief. (Chief Blackhawk to be specific) Ella was a blushing bride. And Shawn...

Shawn is my creative child. He decided that he wanted to be a "Ninja Baby". Of course...noone had any idea what that was but he sure enjoyed being one.

I think the best part of these costumes was the weapons of course.
She looked so beautiful...and so grown up!
But her brothers still went around staging fake bride murders.
She didn't care though....she still loved them so much!
I decided on a gypsy fortune teller. Scary...I know...
And this....this is what happens when you don't plan ahead and decide at the last minute to throw together a costume from the costume bin in the basement. Scary!

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