Friday, June 4, 2010

Catching up...

School is almost out and my time will be limited so I wanted to catch up on some blogging.

Tim and I were so excited to meet one of our Facebook friends and his wife a few weeks ago. It's funny when you get to know someone on the computer and then meet them in person. We were very fortunate to genuinely enjoy the real "Marty" as much as the online version...
Of course no blog post would be complete without a quick Cricket photo.
Austin's class took a Field Trip to the zoo the other day. He begged me to let him take the camera with him to document the day. At first I was reluctant but I am glad I ended up letting him take it as it was really interesting to see things from his perspective.
Someone took a few pictures of him which was really nice.
And he took a bunch of animal photos. I was so impressed with his vision in the pictures. He did a great job framing them and choosing what to photograph. (well...except for the 27 photos of blue..."Look Mom, a seal. Look Mom, a dolphin. Look Mom, a walrus.")
He has now decided that he would like to become a photographer.
Mom thinks that is a great idea!!
Happy Summer's going to be a crazy one around here...

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