Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cheerleading...Cricket style...

The Cricket decided that her "sport" was going to be cheerleading...rah rah!!
Today they held a Pep Rally to show all the cool cheers they had learned over the past 6 weeks.
If you want to sit for an hour with a huge smile plastered over your face cheering like a mad person...go see a Pep Rally put on by 4 year olds.
These girls are the real deal...(minus the fancy uniforms & attitudes of course)
Of course the Cricket was not quite in sync with the other girls.
She does not like to do what everyone else is doing.
But she did pretty well overall.
OMGoodness...could you just eat them up...they are seriously the cutest things ever!
Here she is...being unique again...with the "pom on the head" move.
I tried to explain that "uniqueness" is not a valued commodity in cheerleading.
She gave me that deer in the headlights look.
It's funny how you can kind of see which girls already look the part. Like the girl in black and yellow...she has a future in cheerleading...definitely...
The Cricket on the other hand...hmmm
Maybe not so much...
Seriously...if you didn't smile at this...well...I would be worried.
I tried to take a photo of us together...of course I had no makeup on and was doing yardwork all day so didn't want to traumatize anyone by including my whole self...
Your welcome!

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