Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010...Goals and wishes...

As we rang in the New Year this year, I asked everyone in my family to think about a list of places they want to visit in 2010. Sometimes I feel like time just flutters away and we get to the end of a year without doing so many of the things we had planned on just because we either forgot about them or just couldn't squeeze them in. But this year I am determined for it to be different around here. We will set goals and meet them! So here are our top 10 places...

1. Starved Rock

My son Shawn wants to visit Starved Rock because they told him at school that a bunch of Indians starved up there and he really wants to see it in person. I am not sure if he has some idea that there will be a bunch of dead Indians there or not but it is close, and doable so it is on the list.

2. Brookfield Zoo

This was Ella's contribution to the list. It was one of the items that got talked about last year but never seemed to materialize. This's on!

3. Camping

Tim's contribution (of course). You all know that my kind of camping is at the Holiday Inn. Hmmm...I will have to think hard on this one.

4. Pheasant Run...Again!

Since our summer trip to this resort ended in Shawn's hospitalization, the kids want to try it make better memories. I agree...we will be headed there for a weekend soon.

5. Iron River

We missed going to visit my cousins in northern Michigan last year...I miss you guys!!

6. The beach...any beach...

A few summers ago we rented a house on Lake Michigan in Michigan and it was fabulous. The kids really want to go back again.

7. Disney World

Working on this one...I want to get there before the Princess Magic is gone for my daughter.

8. Museums

All of children would like to live at the Field Museum. They really want to visit the Planetarium which we have never been to before and to go back to the Aquarium again.

9. Big Blue Lake

We don't go up for a week any more but a weekend would be nice. Terry...Debbie...want to join us for a weekend away?? Big Blue is calling...

10. Galena

This is a Mom wish again. I would like to do a spring weekend there alone with my husband. Of course I need some babysitters for this...anyone...hello...

Now I know that this list may not seem too exciting to many of you out there. There are no exotic locations on here but with 3 small children this is pretty ambitious for us. Now they are published...out there in blog land so of course I have to get it done!
In addition to the trip list...I have also been making a more personal list of things to achieve this year. And since I know you really want to know what I have goes...

1. Finish this house darn it! All those little unfinished projects...wrap it up already.

2. Build a garage...a big one...really big!

3. Complete phase 2 of our rennovation project which involves opening up the existing garage to our living/dining room and getting my long awaited fireplace...(hear that Jason??).

4. Get organized...once and for all.

5. Start working is calling and I have to start answering the phone already.

6. Be nicer to Brad...LOL.

7. Pick a school and get registered...yes people...I am going back!

8. Rub my husband's feet, back and any other part he requests...frequently and without complaint.

9. Get my health under control...which I have a pretty good start on now with a diagnosis finally. And get in shape as well.

10. Most importantly of all...spend even more time with friends and family...more dinners, nights out, camp fires, hot tubbing, and come on over...the water's warm!
For a while now I have been collecting "H"s. You my husband's nickname..."H". I have had them packed away because I couldn't figure out what to do with them. But now, thanks to our recent kitchen reno, I have finally found a home for all those letters. The two pics above show just a few of the seriously large collection. When I finish putting them all up I will post a picture of the wall. So good. The painting is also hanging in that stairway and is larger than it 5' tall. I love the wall color and how all the other colors pop from that.
And since someone asked me recently, yes...I am back to producing children's clothing under my Cricket label...guess who that's named after??? Here is an outfit I created for Shawn's teacher as she is about to have a baby soon. All of my denim jackets are repurposed which is good for everyone. The accessories are the hat here. And I have some funky new ideas for 2010 that I hope will be as well received as the products from 2009. I even have a new label...

So there you have it...all my lists for 2010. Just keepin it real around here at the studio. Now I am accountable...we will see how I do when I am writing this same post again next year. will be here before you know it so I better go get busy.

Happy New Year everyone...

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