Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wii Fit

So...this is what I got for Christmas. Oh, I wanted it. At least I thought I did.
Everyone kept telling me how much FUN it was and how you didn't even realize you were working out. That sounded perfect for me since I never wanted to realize I was working out EVER.
Back when we first got the Wii for the boys, they created little Mii's for everyone including me. Of course, they made my Mii a nice petitie Mii (those boys know who holds the purse strings around here). So I sign on and the Wii finds my Mii and I run through the sign in parts up to the weigh in. I get on that blasted board and all of a sudden, my Mii gets a whole lot chunkier...(OK, I know it is more realistic but I like living in denial OK!) Then, as if that weren't bad enough, the Mii makes this sad sound like...WAAA, WAAA, WAAA and shakes it's head. Alrighty then.
Now, every time I get on the thing, which of course is not as often as IT thinks I should, I get to hear that blasted sound and the head shaking thing. Who knew you could get so much guilt from your electronics. Boy am I glad I asked for the Wii!

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