Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to Spring in Wheaton...

The kids spent the other day making a snowman and a snow dog to go along with him. The dog looks remarkably like our dog Sadie which made me laugh. Of course every time the real Sadie goes out into the yard now she has a fit at the strange person and dog that are out there. I think that dog has gone senile on me.

In the meantime...hat production is still moving forward. I should have some additional photos up soon. Here is a painting that I finished a while ago (note the sun in the picture...haven't seen that in a while). This is part of my "Soul" series. Another house in a long line of houses that date way back. I love houses...

Over the winter I painted a variety of small pieces to hang around the house and as soon as the sun returns I will photograph them and add them here. I keep lingering between just painting and my old collage work. Can't seem to settle into a style right now. I think I am on the verge of a breakthrough of sorts. I find myself painting a lot of birds and eggs right now. Could it be my desperate craving for spring!!

We had a very low key Easter. Lots of egg coloring...egg hiding and candy consumption. Of course we made a larger than life dinner and then rested afterward! The perfect holiday.

And is 3am and I am up posting this. I have been having some of those sleepless nights again lately. I just need spring to spring already!!


Jenn said...

Hi Becci! The snow dog is SOOO cute! Can't believe how cold it still is there:( Come on SPRING!!!
Love your house too! Whooo hoooo for all things house themed;)

Enjoy your week and thanks so much for visiting my blog:):):)


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