Friday, May 18, 2007

Still here...

Yes...I has been a month since my last post. Time has just been getting away from me like crazy lately. The kids all had back to back colds and allergy issues and are just now getting back to being themselves. My poor Austin is just one big allergy this year even with 3 different meds working to control them. I feel so bad for him!

We had Shawn's "friends" birthday party finally a few weeks ago. He chose a Medieval theme this year so we had knights and princesses all dressed up in costumes. My wonderful friends Brenda and Carl dressed up as the King and Queen and we had theme music, face painting, tattooing, jousting & the dragon pinata. We also had a dragon who stole all the goody bags and had to be vanquished by the knights. (Thank goodness for blow up swords) The kids had a blast eating with their hands and learning to do archery (thanks Papa Don!!). I could not have done it all without my wonderful friends who volunteered so help out. And I wonder why the time keeps getting away from me.

But the good news is that I have been spending my time in studio and painting...Yeah!! I have also been sketching like crazy so I have quite a nice pool of drawings to work from when I do get a spare moment. I am still painting on that canvas paper and trying to work out all the kinks involved in that. I am so used to actual canvas' and the potential for 3 dimensional work that is it hard sometimes to translate that to flat paper. I dont' want to build up too much because it makes framing such a nightmare. Here are a few terrible pictures of my latest endeavors. (it was raining so I photographed these in the basement and the lighting was not great)
I also did this one on canvas that I love. I am doing a word a week now as a theme. A couple of weeks ago was Home so all of these centered around that word. I thought I would list this one but I hung it up in my kitchen and now I am loving it. I should know better by now!

My husband is off on his whirlwind 10 day Canadian fishing trip so it is just me and the critters for the next week. Don't know how much painting I will get done but I am planning to move my studio and office to another room and combine them so we will see how that goes. Wish me luck!!

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